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Decoration of an apartment

How to choose its coverings and its furniture to have a decoration with the taste of the day?

Sober but personal, practical, colorful, with mirrors and space, this is how the future decoration of your apartment will be if you want to be in the movement of the moment. Indeed, except if the "cabinet of curiosity" style of the Renaissance is your ideal, you will have to play with these elements so that your living area does not appear reduced or stuffy.

The different solutions

We can intervene in the decoration on the following topics:

  • plants
  • the luminaries
  • walls and floors
  • furniture and decorative objects

Tiles with reliefs, wallpapers, tiles, paints or coatings for walls or floors, vinyl floors, fiber, carpet for floors... You have the choice between countless products that will allow you all to play on the complementarities or oppositions of colors and materials.

At the color level, there are two schools: some advocate for very light paintings in small rooms while some architects advocate instead solid warm colors, distinct for each living space. Once again, nothing better than decorating sites and magazines to make your own idea.

Between the removable partition and the open-space white, delimit the living spaces by a color code is a good alternative to these two possibilities.

To bring light and give the impression that your room is doubled on the surface, think of the mirrors. On walls, doors and why not on the ceiling, a nice surface (2m²) of mirrors facing a window, it's more light.

Deco loaded or stripped?

Where some of us feel the need to be surrounded by multiple objects, others on the contrary choke with more than 3 books on their table; sobriety being a very personal concept. Apply to your home environments that you really like and go hunting for unnecessary and cumbersome objects. If the stripped and zen style tempts you, take a picture of your interior; with the help of these photos, find all that is useless and throw or give to ventilate the decoration.

Once the sorting is done, build your decoration around one or two visually imposing objects: they will be the starting point of your future decoration project.

To lighten the atmosphere of your apartment, think of choosing practical furniture, light, clean and why not flexible; indeed, they are "small clutter" and therefore allow to navigate pleasantly in the apartment the day, even losing a little ergonomics in the evening when the bed is unfolded.

Lamps and lights

As lighting suppliers, luminaries play a vital role in the decoration of a small apartment. Decorative elements in their own right that can be integrated into the building, they are an important aesthetic and practical note of the apartment: they ensure both the sifting of the resting places and the legibility of workstations while visually marking certain areas. Offal days have become decorative objects that bring color to your home. Equip with direct lighting areas of activities: reading, kitchen, office or with indirect lighting areas of rest. Remember to use the false ceilings to insert your spots and multiply the catches in the apartment...

Nature and decoration

Do you want to bring life to an urban apartment, to shelter you from the eyes or to separate spaces? So plants can become valuable allies whether you choose them in pots, planters or plant walls. Also be aware that plants will tend to purify the air in your apartment.

To conclude, take the time to choose a style of decoration that suits you perfectly and take stock before you act. Store, sort, insert color, arrange some plants and your interior will find a new youth.

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