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The room is a place that looks like his or her occupants. Those who are a little blue flower can create a romantic atmosphere. Here are some tips for this: colors, styles, prints... Nothing is left to chance!

A romantic bedroom decor

A romantic bedroom decor

What colors for a romantic room?

In a romantic room, the colors are sweet. The walls are painted with powdery hues. Depending on the preferences of each, we can bet on mauve, pale pink, beige or pearl gray. It remains possible to opt for a wallpaper embellished with flowers or other romantic motifs (hearts, butterflies...). However, we must be careful to bet on a model that is not too overloaded. Or, only one or two sections of wall will be covered with wallpaper.

On the furniture side, light tones are also needed. White is also perfect for furniture. You can also lean for pastel and make sure that the chosen color harmonizes well with the fabrics and other elements of the room. In any case, do not mix too many colors and avoid heaviness.

What furniture?

As for the furniture, period furniture are popular in a romantic room. Then opt for a majestic bed and wardrobe, preferably in wood. The bed linen will also be opulent (velvet, silk...), but still in light colors.
We can then associate the furniture to a bed sky which will magnify the romantic atmosphere. This one is put in place above the headboard. Here, we will turn to vaporous fabrics such as muslin or lace.
Various accessories and decorative objects will then decorate the furniture: crystal chandeliers, mirror, chandelier, china items, wrought iron accessories... Again, do not overdo it. It is advisable to spread some on both sides of the room, being careful to obtain a light and harmonious result.

Romantic prints

The prints are a must in a romantic room. There is of course the flowery pattern. But there is also the imitation of Jouy canvas or again liberty pattern. It is quite possible to combine several prints, but it is necessary to remain sober not to overload the room. And so that it reigns a soft and pleasant atmosphere, it is necessary to remain in the pastel shades.

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