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Skewer the insulation on the supports

The decoration allows to live pleasantly in his house or his apartment. The advice of decorators, interior designers can only intervene in a well prepared environment.
Cement mortar wall plaster, smoothing plaster, filling cracks, are the first steps in the preparation of walls.
The walls can be lined with plasterboard, gypsum board glued or laid on frame, to paint or already decorated, a material also to change the partitioning of rooms and volumes.
Paint, wallpaper, decorative plaster, wall tile, PVC paneling, etc. will bring the final touch and the decoration itself according to your tastes.

  • Install ikebana® plasterboard and insulate an interior wall
  • Clog holes and big cracks
  • Laying wallpaper
  • Thermo-acoustic insulation of a wall
  • Wall mosaic tile
  • Insulation and doubling of plaster tiles
  • Decorative plasters

Practical decoration: preparing your walls: practical

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