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If the primary purpose of the fence is to delimit and secure the space, it is increasingly becoming an element of design architecture integrating the best in different landscapes. Shapes, colors and materials are inspiring to create a decor whose centerpiece would be the fence.

Decoration elements of fences

Previously useful for delimiting and protecting its property, the fences have however evolved with their time to meet the needs of consumers in terms of performance but also aesthetics. Real object of decorationToday, a fence is chosen for its exteriors in the same way that a painting or a light fixture is chosen for its house.

The decoration concerns all the elements of the fence, thanks in particular to the innovations made during the last decades. The new materials as well as the new manufacturing processes allow for many prowess in colors, shapes and finishes. From a few standard colors, the fence is now available in more than 200 colors. Traditionally rectangular and composed of blades or straight bars, they are today asymmetrical, concave, convex, pyramidal.... Finally, if the openwork patterns had classical patterns (round, square, rhombus), it is now true drawings (foliage for example).

In the field of fencing decoration, three major trends stand out in recent years:

  • Galvanized steel and aluminum panels: Being able to be described as external works of art, such as paintings of masters for some, these decorative panels consist of one or more drawings engraved in the material. These can be representations of nature (shrubs, bamboo stems, animals), symbols (Chinese signs) or graphic or abstract forms (rosettes);
  • The gabion walls: Lockers made of stones, height and shape similar or not to each other, they bring a contemporary design to the house and are also available in urban furniture (bench) to ensure the continuity of the elements of the landscape;
  • The screensavers with digital printing: The latest fashion is polyester canvas panels, several meters long, and very easy to install with eyelets to fix. Drawings and landscapes of all kinds (field of poppies, ocean view...) can be printed on these supports.

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