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I bought an industrial wall covering from "Maison Décorative" (Leroy Merlin purchase). Made with lime I was told (not indicated on the flyer). I was assured that it could be applied to the walls of my shower, then with a protective product of the same brand. But I have a doubt about the durability of its resistance to water. Can you help me?

The products of the DECORATIVE HOUSE are of good quality. As for all these "technical" products, the quality of installation is essential. INDUSTRIE Smooth Metallic Coating is not specifically designed to line the walls of a shower enclosure. In any case their site does not specify it. I doubt that the brand waterproofing (presented mainly as a protector against stains) ensures a total seal to the product...

In all cases, note that the waterproofing is rarely 100% assured by a coating but above all not the masonry structure on which it is laid and by the surface sealing treatment thereof. Do not imagine, for example, that the evoked coating and its waterproofing will be sufficient to protect an ordinary plasterboard... This will certainly be the case, however, on a cement board.

At the risk of appearing retrograde, I dare to pretend that the tiling is still the best wall covering for a shower enclosure.

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