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Toupret decorative plaster: A decoration of warm tradition

To enjoy a warm and comforting atmosphere in your home, Toupret offers the decorative coating "Tradition". Available in 16 shades, this waxed coating provides a touch of authenticity with ease.

Necessary material

- Undercoating layer
5 kg bucket | 250 g / m² | 20 m² / bucket | Drying time: 12 h
- "Tradition" coating in paste or powder
Pastry: 20 kg bucket | 1.5 kg / m²
Powder: 20 kg bag | 1 kg / m²
Drying time: 24 to 48 hours
- Natural wax to tint (16 colors)
Buckets of 1.5 kg and 3 kg | 100 g / m² on the dough | 120 g / m² on the powder | Drying time: 24 h
- Matprotect
Product available in the professional network, contact a wholesaler, dyed by the wholesaler.
2 L bucket | 0,050 L / m² | 40 m2 / bucket | Drying time: 24 h


  1. Apply a tie coat
  2. Add color to the decor

Apply a tie coat

Apply a tie coat

Before applying the decorative coating, it is obligatory to prepare the surface of the wall so that the coating adheres perfectly to the support with the help of the Toupret anchoring underlayment. Apply this printing layer with a roll of 12 mm diameter. Cross passages for a regular result

Lay the decorative plaster "Tradition"

Lay the decorative plaster

Spread the "Tradition" decorative plaster in a uniform layer with a blade or a trowel. If you want a fine relief decor, go to the drying step. On the other hand, to create a relief effect, use a plastic trowel and work the plaster.

Add color to the decor

Add color to the decor

On the dry plaster, apply a thin layer of natural wax to be tinted with a painter's glove. Make circular movements and proceed by zone of 0,5 m2 in a random and successive way to avoid possible recoveries. To give a waxed appearance, wipe the wax with a wet sponge as it progresses.

Protect the decor

Spreading the material with effects in all directions

Spreading the material with effects in all directions

24h later, the support is dry. Cover the entire surface of the coated wall with a layer of "Matprotect" with a 10 mm roll or brush. The decor is thus protected against the projections of possible traces of water, marks, dirt...


Toupret offers a wide range of fund preparation coatings and decorative coatings for DIYers and professionals. Innovative products to treat, repair, repair holes and cracks, renovate and even and smooth before painting.

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