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Contrary to the ventilation provided by a single flow VMC, the dual flow VMC also makes it possible to recover the calories contained in the stale air to preheat the air blown into the house. The models DEE FLY Cube 300, 370 and 550 allow better air quality in homes and lower energy consumption.

DEE FLY Cube of ALDES: VMC Double flow for all needs

A VMC easy to install and economical

Aldes Dee Fly Cube

Installing a VMC cabinet is often complicated. With a width of 60 cm, the models DEE FLY CUBE 300 and DEE FLY CUBE 370 developed by ALDES can be easily installed in a closet, a cellar or in a back kitchen. Equipped with a very low power and quiet motor (30.7 dB (A) for the 300 model) these VMC double flux recover almost 90% of the heat and can achieve up to 31% energy savings. These 2 models are based on the surface of the house to equip. The VMC DEE FLY CUBE 370 is dedicated to houses over 180 m2.

Wireless control for ease of use

DEE FLY Cube ALDES wireless control

To easily pilot the VMC double flow DEE FLY Cube the multifunction wireless control is ideal. Combining design and sobriety, it allows you to program (via two buttons) one of the 4 speeds offered and manage absences (holiday mode). Equipped with a large digital screen, the information is perfectly legible. Finally, it allows to monitor in real time the power consumption of the VMC DEE FLY Cube.

DEE FLY CUBE 550 for large homes


Architect's house, loft, artist's studio... are places that require adequate ventilation and performance. The double flow VMC DEE FLY CUBE 550 perfectly meets these requirements. It purifies indoor air and ensures healthy air in homes over 200 m2. Equipped with an outdoor air filtration system and a CO detector2 which automatically adjust the ventilation speed, this VMC double flow is a rare discretion since its sound level is 43 dB (A). Finally, its use is very simple. A multifunctional touch remote control allows you to control and program the ventilation according to your needs.

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