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The sale of land or a house must be noted by notarial act. The notary will be responsible for collecting various documents necessary for signing the deed of sale. It ensures compliance and legal certainty of the document witnessing the transaction.

Formalities prior to the deed of sale of a property

About two months after the signing of the preliminary contract, buyer and seller meet at the notary to sign the definitive act of sale. During these two months, the notary undertook a series of formalities prior to the signing of the act, essential so that the document can no longer be disputed or canceled.

  • Collection of a series of urban planning documents (certificates, cadastral certificate extract, etc.)
  • Purge of any pre-emption rights: legal right granted to certain persons who can thus replace the potential buyer and obtain the property, house or land, as a priority.
  • Search for possible easements: constraints on one property for the benefit of another, each belonging to a different owner.
  • Verification of building permits in case of major construction or extension
  • Counting the various diagnoses
  • Application for a mortgage statement, to ensure that no current loan like a mortgage, no longer weighs on the property.
  • Etc.

What does the deed of sale of a house or land contain?

An act of sale, to be in conformity, must at least mention:

  • the civil status of the seller and the purchaser
  • housing history (previous bill of sale, former owner, notarial deed, etc.)
  • the address of the house or land
  • the detailed description of the property, housing or land
  • the amount of the fees of the professionals in charge of the sale
  • the selling price and payment terms
  • any mortgages, charges and easements
  • the deadline for signing the act
  • a possible regulation of co-ownership or subdivision
  • the file of real estate technical diagnostics

The deed of sale must then be signed before a notary. Then follow:

  • publication of the contract at the Mortgage Department, by the notary (land advertisement)
  • handing over the keys (at the signing of the deed of sale)
  • sending the contract to the buyer by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

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