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You've been thinking for a long time about the design and style you want to give to your kitchen and have decided to leave it to a professional. Since then, you have noticed delays or malfunctions. What to do in this kind of case? Here are some tips to claim your rights.

Malfunction in the installation of your kitchen: what to do?

Malfunction in the installation of your kitchen: what to do?

Kitchen installed by a professional, what are the types of defects found?

The sale of kitchens is regulated by the laws relating to the sale to consumers. Thus, reference is made to the Consumer Code and the Civil Code. In addition, contractual guarantees protect you against the poor workmanship. They depend on the work undertaken and their importance. We will note for example the guarantee of perfect completion, the decennial guarantee, the commercial guarantee or the guarantee of hidden defect.

The professional whoever it is is held to respect the order which you passed. Deadlines must be met and delivery must conform to the order form. Nevertheless, many malfunctions and non-compliance with the rules can be noted. Among them we can note:

  • Damaged furniture on delivery or during installation
  • Installation defects that cause collateral damage: faulty joints that create mold for example
  • Delay in the execution of works

Malfaçon in the installation of your kitchen: the possible remedies

Amicable solutions
Before taking any action, it is recommended to try to solve the problem amicably. In fact, you will earn money and a lot of time by contacting the craftsman, the cook or the specialist shop that is at the origin of the dispute. Depending on the offer made to you and the problem you are having, you will be able to claim the modification of your installation or a goodwill gesture.
If you notice defects during the warranty period, do not hesitate to notify the professional by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.
In any case, once the installation of your kitchen is finished, it is advisable to check the works with the professional. This phase of control is essential and must allow you to report and notify - on the delivery note for example - any defects, reservations or poor workmanship that you may notice.

The lawsuit
If despite any attempt at amicable redress, letters with acknowledgment of receipt and formal notices to intervene, the professional refuses to act, there are many consumer associations used to handle such conflicts. As a last resort, you can appeal to the courts and in particular the High Court, the District Court or the local judge depending on the sums committed.

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