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After a fire in the house of our friends, they do the renovation work with building companies, but there are lots of defects at all levels: is normal that a plinth is asked before the patching and linoleum? Does a garage door junction have the same characteristics as an insulated door? Can cellular concrete be mounted with defects and holes?

You describe a series of works that seem to be poor workmanship. If this work was commissioned and paid for by insurance companies, following a fire, it seems easy to denounce the insurance and ask for expertise. If your friends have received an indemnity and ordered the work themselves, anything that seems unusual to them must be reserved when the work is received. Failing an amicable agreement (letter recommended with acknowledgment of receipt), they only have to turn against the company or companies, via the District Court (prejudice less than 10 000 euros) who will commit an expert.

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