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We bought a house in July and have just realized that the roof was not in conformity: the banks are falling, the distribution is poorly made, the tiles not nested, the first rank not enough in the sled etc... The guarantee decennial runs until July 2009; what recourse do we have?

The ten-year guarantee covers the "disorders" (defects) that render a property "unfit for use", clearly an uninhabitable house. This does not seem to be your case. The ten-year warranty covers defects only if they no longer allow you to enjoy your property normally. You could perhaps, however, return against the previous owner under the "hidden defects" but you may object, if the defects are very visible, you should have seen before buying... I advise you to have a repair estimate drawn up stipulating the defects noted by the roofer. Engage in a price reduction negotiation with the previous owner (LR / AR exposing the fact, photocopy of your quote, or even an expertise). Indicate that you will go to the request for cancellation of the sale with damages... Send copy of your correspondence to the notary. In the extreme, bring an action with the court (I think of High Authority considering the amounts involved).

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