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Define his project of electric radiator.

Before rolling up your sleeves to install an electric heater, it is better to prepare to determine your needs and plan everything necessary. To guide you in your project, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to define and plan it to leave nothing to chance!

Step 1: Define the required skills.

Installing an electric heater is a job for everyone, even beginners, provided you follow the instructions for use.

Step 2: Define the construction time and the necessary labor.

Allow about one hour of work.
One person is enough to install a radiator.

Step 3: When do you start your project?

This type of construction site being indoors, it can perfectly be envisaged throughout the year.

Step 4: Define the necessary tools.

For a fixed electric heater, you need a minimum of basic tools such as dowels, screws, screwdriver, spirit level, drill and bits, an electrical junction box, an isolated domino and a three-pin plug son.
For a mobile radiator, simply plug it into a grounded outlet.

Step 5: Define and choose the products and materials needed.
For a fixed model, you will have to choose between radiant radiator, a radiator radiator, a radiator with inertia, a convector, or a radiator with accumulation.
for an extra model, you will have the choice between a fan heater, an auxiliary convector, a radiator with oil bath...

Step 6: estimate the budget.

Allow a minimum of thirty euros for a small extra model.

Step 7: Where to start?

Start by finding information on the Internet and in specialized magazines:
Install an electric heater.

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