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Define your roof window project (Velux)

Do you want to install a roof window (or Velux) in your house? Before roll up your sleeves and give the first hammer, it is better to prepare to determine your needs and plan everything necessary. To guide you in your project, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to define and plan it to leave nothing to chance!

Step 1: Define the required skills.

Installing a roof window is an operation within the reach of all good handymen, provided they have good notions of carpentry.
Remember that the installation of a skylight requires a declaration of work, or even in some cases a building permit.

Step 2: Define the construction time and the necessary manpower.

Before starting work, you will need to complete a work declaration or building permit, which may take some time.
For the installation of the roof window itself, allow about a day's work or more depending on the weather conditions and the configuration of your roof.

Step 3: When to begin your project?

This type of construction can start at any time, but avoid rainy or windy days.

Step 4: Define the necessary tools.

To carry out this project, basic tools are essential. You will need: screwdrivers, a drill, a hammer, a mallet, a crowbar a handsaw, a pincer, a cutter, a spirit level, a pliers and a meter.

Step 5: Define and choose the necessary products and materials.

To choose your roof window, you will need to determine its size, type of opening and glazing.

Step 6: estimate the budget.

If it is difficult to estimate the budget, which is extremely variable depending on size and quality of your window, still count a minimum of one hundred euros for a small model first price.

Step 7: where to start?

Start by documenting yourself by searching for information on the Internet or in specialized books and journals:
Install a roof window.

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