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Define your staircase project

Before rolling up your sleeves and embarking on the purchase and installation of a staircase, it is better to prepare to determine your needs and plan everything necessary. To guide you in your project, HandymanDuDimanche invites you to define and plan it to leave nothing to chance!

Step 1: Define required skills.

The installation of a staircase is a complex and long work, which requires some experience in DIY, carpentry or even masonry.

Step 2: Define the construction time and the necessary manpower.

The construction time is difficult to estimate because it can vary from simple to double depending on the type of stairs and its location. Plan a minimum of one day of work.

Step 3: When to begin construction

It is quite conceivable to start this type of work at any season.

Step 4: Define the necessary tools.

To install a staircase, you need a few basic tools that are: a meter, a spirit level, a wrench, a pipe wrench, a drill, a hammer, a screwdriver, a saw, a square, a clamp.

Step 5: Define and choose the necessary products and materials.

We distinguish a wide variety of stairs, depending on their shape: helical, straight, turning and their material: wood, glass, metal or concrete, to choose according to your tastes and your budget.

Step 6: estimate the budget.

The price of a staircase is extremely variable depending on its size and quality, from 50 euros for a low-end wooden sucker ladder.

Step 7: where to start?

Before you start, it is best to document yourself. You will find on the net DIY cards that will guide you step by step in the installation of your staircase.
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Video Instruction: Escherian Stairwell Deconstruction