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A deformation of the roof, tiles that are no longer aligned, cracks in the ceilings are all visible signs that your roof is deformed. Better to intervene then a professional. He alone can make a diagnosis and provide solutions to remedy these disorders before it is too late...

Why a framework is deformed

The roofs of residential houses are almost always made of wood. Traditional carpentry or industrial huts, the weather, the weight of the tiles, the bad weather can lead deformations more or less important.

Wood is a living material that inflates and shrinks according to the humidity level present in the air. And the framework as a whole, follows the movements of the various woods that compose it. That an element comes to deform and that's all the roof that is destabilized.

The different deformations according to the type of structure

A traditional frame is composed of large wood assembled without connector.
Poor quality wood or wood that is not dry enough during installation cause many disorders that can jeopardize the strength of the frame.

An industrial frame consists of small farms whose elements are assembled using metal connectors.
A too small section of the woods will cause buckling (or buckling) that is to say a curve deformation that can go to breaking up.

Whatever the type of frame, it can be weakened and deformed because of:

  • Attic landscaping work, with modification of the frame, made in an inadequate way,
  • On the bad anchoring of the frame on the shell,
  • On the defective assembly different pieces of wood or farmhouses leaving between them "games" that end up destabilizing the framework as a whole.

How to repair the deformations of a structure

A frame is always designed to withstand the different stresses it undergoes over time: Permanent weighting of the tiles, roof windows or skylights and occasional constraints due to the wind or the weight of the snow. To repair deformations, it should be checked whether during the design of the frame, all these elements have been taken into account.
If you spot deformations while the ten-year warranty is still in progress, do not delay in bringing your carpenter to see the damage and repair.

Once the causes of the deformations are identified, the weakened parts need to be consolidated and strengthened.

To relieve pressurized parts and to contain the deformations, it is essential to put bars antiflambement. To limit sagging, the installation of braces and / or intersections will stabilize the structure.

If the deformations are due to excessive moisture problems, it is urgent before any other repairs to solve the problems of waterproofing of the roof.

Preventive measures to prevent the deformation of a framework

So that your framework can fulfill its role, without fail, for many years, be vigilant to the following elements:

  • The good dimensioning of the woods. Many disorders come from under-sizing the elements of the framework for the sake of economy.
  • A good quality of wood. Lumber must meet strict quality criteria: wood grain, knots. It must, moreover, be sufficiently dry.
  • The woods must have received preventive treatment against diseases and parasites.
  • A millimeter assembly without leaving "games" between the parts and correct positioning of the fastening elements with respect to the edges of the woods.
  • The frame must be properly attached to the shell.

In any case, to consolidate your deformed framework, call a qualified professional.

Video Instruction: Framework A Harmonic Deformation