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The effectiveness of a gutter depends on regular maintenance and repairs implemented in case of degradation. What to do in case of deformation of the gutter? Explanation.

Whatever the type of intervention, maintenance or repair, we advise you to proceed with caution especially for gutters placed high. For more safety and efficiency, it is highly recommended to call a professional roofer.

A distorted gutter: how to proceed?

Mostly, zinc gutters or aluminum gutters will be the most likely to deform. These are soft materials that are conducive to deformation. PVC gutters are less likely to deform and break. Regarding the deformation or simple degradation of copper gutters, they are simply more resistant and more rarely risk this type of alteration. What to do for the deformation of a zinc or aluminum gutter?

A distorted zinc or aluminum gutter can easily return to its original shape. You can proceed exerting a reverse pressure and of the same intensity in the material at the hooks. For more efficiency, you can ask the intervention of a professional.
When the deformation no longer makes it possible to fix the gutter to the hooks, it is advisable to proceed to global replacement of the latter.

Deformation until drilling: what to do?

A distorted gutter, not repaired, can quickly break through. It is possible to to seal a pierced gutter with a special sealant if the crack is of reasonable size. But this is an interim solution pending a definitive intervention. To repair a pierced gutter, several definitive solutions are available to you

  • tin soldering by a professional
  • covering the gutters with a bitumen coating or with aluminum sheets covered with bitumen (called asphalting)

To know: to avoid the deformation of the gutters until this type of incident, it is recommended to proceed to the regular maintenance of the or gutters. This allows to monitor:

  • possible leaks
  • possible obstructions
  • the good condition of the fasteners of the gutters and hooks

It is advisable to check and maintain gutters at least once a yearat the end of autumn, by a professional.

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