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The trilatte panels of a roof, renovated 7 years ago, have a flexure of 5 cm. Can the wood still move? A dehumidifier empties 2 liters and a half a day. Should we insulate the walls of an attic to fight against moisture?

The "arrow" of the panels requires the on-site advice of a "neutral" professional: design office, architect, expert, etc. A deformation of 5 cm is quite important to require an accurate analysis of the situation. Once the diagnosis is made, it will be possible to define the risks, and to consider or not repair work.
The fact that a dehumidifier can extract 2.5 liters of water by day is a reflection of a high hygrometry of the ambient air which can be linked, quite simply, to a specific weather situation to your area and to a confimement of the local. This humidity level can probably be reduced by good ventilation local (VMC, VMI, extractors, etc.). The fact ofinsulating walls will reduce the risk of condensation on the walls, but will have no effect on the hygrometry of the air.

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