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You want to enlarge your stay or create an open kitchen? You plan to remove a partition of your home. This is quite possible, but be careful to study your project well to avoid inconvenience, even irremediable disasters.

Remove a partition in a house

Remove a partition in a house

Can all partitions be removed?

The answer is no! Before considering any work, you must determine if the partition you want to delete is a bearing wall. To do this, the best solution is to refer to house plans. If you are an owner, they are in your possession. If you are the owner of an apartment and the plans have not been delivered to you, move closer to joint property.

If you have any doubt about the nature of the wall to be felled, call on an architect before starting your work. In absolute terms it is possible to open a wall but you will need to call a professional. Such a partition located on the ground floor of a house for example, has, inter alia, the function of ensuring the maintenance of the floor of the floor... The break yourself could cause the collapse of a part of your house.

The work to be done to bring down a partition

Now that you've made sure it's a simple partition, you still have a few things to check before you start. Check what's inside your wall. Indeed, it is possible that the electric cables pass in this partition. If this is the case, you will have to move the electrical wires without damaging them.

To prepare your site well, it is also advisable to lay props on the floor and ceiling around the partition to prevent a possible risk of subsidence.

Last but not least, consider putting a tarpaulin on the ground because cutting down a partition causes a lot of dust. Finally, protect yourself by equipping yourself with a suit, glasses and gloves. Finally, for the material, everything depends on the composition of the wall. If it's a plasterboard partitiona simple mass will suffice. For a concrete wall, more powerful tools will be needed such as a chainsaw for example. And above all, you must always start breaking the top of the wall so as not to receive it on you!

If you do not feel comfortable enough to do this yourself, do not hesitate to call in a professional masonry. The intervention of an electrician may be necessary. Also keep in mind that once the wall is knocked down you will need to connect the ceiling and floor to create a harmony of rooms.

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