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Bounding is part of surveying techniques to assess the area of ​​a lot. It is not mandatory, but it is recommended because it is not uncommon for neighborhood quarrels to end in court. Do it yourself or have it done by an expert-geometer, it allows to formalize the dimensions of your land permanently. Find out what are the advantages of demarcating land, what is the process and how much is it worth?

What is the purpose of demarcating land?

Bounding is the surveying technique that allows you to set separation between two contiguous lands by placing terminals. It is strictly forbidden to move or remove the terminals. Bounding is possible if it was not done previously by the previous owners. It allows to definitively define the limits definitively and irrevocably and thus avoids encroaching on the neighbor. It is not mandatory but highly recommended to prevent any conflict.

Amicable demarcation: how does it work?

The demarcation of a piece of land is at the request of one of the two owners of the land concerned. We are talking about friendly procedure when both parties agree to demarcate their property and reach common ground. On the other hand, if one of the two parties does not wish to demarcate or contests the limits that have been set, then it is necessary to go to court.
We then speak of demarcation by judicial action. If you choose to carry out the demarcation of the land yourself, you must set the boundaries with a plan, set boundaries and materialize the agreement with a notary. However, it is much simpler to call in an expert surveyor who studies the deeds of sale, the cadastral plans, takes the measurements of the ground and draws dividing lines on a plan. The surveyor then installs markers or markers and draws up a report with the boundaries of the parcels.

Outline of the land amicably: who pays?

The boundary fees are shared equitably between the two owners. They are the ones who finance the purchase and installation of the terminals by the expert-geometer. However, survey fees and measurements are proportional to the size of your land. So, the bigger your lot, the more you pay for it. The fees of surveyors are free, so it is recommended to ask several quotes to different professionals. Know also that the price depends on the number of terminals to be posed, the complexity of the demarcation and the agreement between the owners. Count between 650 and 1000 euros for an amicable demarcation

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