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Demolishing a partition can not be improvised and the first question to ask is whether the wall is carrying. If the answer is yes, demolition of the wall is not possible. If not, here's what you need to know, not only about the work but also about the regulations regarding the demolition of a partition.

Demolish a partition

Demolish a partition

Demolish a partition: the works

Once the nature of the wall defined, with the help of an expert if you do not have the plans of your house (wall or not?), here are the phases of works. It is advisable to have a certified professional with electrical and masonry skills.

1- Protect the work area
Basking the ground and protect the furniture. Also caulking cupboards because cutting down a partition causes a lot of dust that seeps everywhere.

2- Individual safety equipment
Think about your safety by protecting yourself and wearing:

  • a mask
  • gloves
  • glasses
  • special climbing shoes

Keep children and pets out of the building site to avoid accidents.

3- Locate the cables and pipes
Before breaking the wall, it is necessary to move the pipes, switches, electrical wires... Attention, this type of work requires skills in electricity or plumbing. Involve a building company to carry out the work in compliance with the standards in force.

4- Equip yourself with material
If you embark yourself in the works, it is wise to equip and rent the specific tools:

  • adjustable props
  • a hammer, a chisel, a mass
  • a stripper
  • a disc chainsaw

5- Demolish the partition
The only advice to give is to always start by breaking the top of the wall so as not to receive the partition on oneself.

6- Clear the rubble
Once the work is done, all rubble must be evacuated to the nearest dump. There are storage companies that take care of everything.

To know
A partition can evolve into a load-bearing wall over the years because the loads are distributed differently on the walls of a house.

Regulations to know before demolishing a wall

If you own your home, no administrative steps are necessary to demolish a partition.

On the other hand, if you are a tenant, you need the written agreement of your lessor owner before starting any work.

If you live in a condominium, you can demolish a partition (non-load bearing wall) if the work does not reach the structure of the building and if they do not modify the common areas.

The demolition of a partition is a building site that requires know-how, which can lead to major work and sometimes some unpleasant surprises (not visible pipe, electrical wire, leakage...). It is therefore recommended to take advice from professionals by asking for several quotes for compare quality benefits and the rates.

Video Instruction: HOW TO REMOVE A PARTITION (No Load Bearing Dry wall).