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The water does not foam anymore at the lavatory faucet? Would limestone play tricks?

Fight against limestone on his faucets

Cut a plastic bottle

Cut the end of the neck of a plastic water bottle.
Opt for a long and rather narrow neck, like Quézac.

Fix with Scotch the neck of the bottle on the tap to descale

Engage the end of the faucet into the neck closed by the cap.
Hold the assembly in place with tape.

Empty hot alcohol vinegar in the neck

Pour some lukewarm vinegar into the improvised cup (the end of the tap should be fully soaked).
Note: the removal of limestone in the frother is faster with warm white alcohol vinegar.
Leave on for one night.

Clean bicarbonate faucets

Complete the cleaning with a sponge loaded with baking soda to make the sink and the faucet shine.
Wipe with a cloth.

Video Instruction: How To Clean Calcium Off Faucets (