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The corridor is often relegated to its sole function as a crossing point. Generally narrow, it is essential to avoid cluttering it in order to preserve the traffic axes. This does not mean that we must leave it. Landscaping and decorative ideas for a corridor: furniture, light and colors.

Landscaping and decorating ideas for a corridor

Landscaping and decorating ideas for a corridor

How to build a corridor?

It is possible to arrange a corridor by choosing suitable furniture, or even "optimized ". The space is no longer devolved to the simple passage, but is truly integrated into the life of the house and allows even new storage solutions.

  • In the corridor, it is interesting to privilege a furniture "two in one" or multifunction.

Example: a storage bench, ideal for putting on your shoes comfortably and putting them away.

  • Hanging storage are particularly adapted to the corridors, since they visually clear the space while allowing to multiply the storage.

Example: a wall of coat hooks or a hanging wardrobe.

  • The angles can be exploited here wisely, without overloading the limited space of the corridor.

Example: a saddle or a corner console.

  • When the dimensions of the passage allow it, a sliding closet ideally fits in a corridor. A solution that puts an end to the space generated by the opening of swing doors.

Paint and light up your hallway according to your mood

The hallway is usually a blind room, a space that has no windows. Here we can choose to bring brightness to the corridor by the addition of colors and adapted lighting, or on the contrary play on this lack of light.

1. If one wishes to "light" the corridor, it is understood that the light colors are here to privilege.
We will therefore opt for a "colored white" (a white with a hint of color).

The lighting must then be chosen to support the brightness provided by the coloring of the walls.

2. If you want to arrange your corridor to make it look more cozy or intimate, it is then necessary to preserve the shading of the space.
For this, we opt for deep colors, cold or warm (gray-brown, dark green, purple eggplant, red blood of beef, yellow curry...)

To perfect the atmosphere, a soft lighting will be preferred here.

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