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Lay out his attic: the second work

Once the framework refurbished and structural work completed, the site is far from over! There remains one crucial step and not the least: the second work. Between plumbing, electricity, floors, paints and partitions, work is not lacking. While some work is accessible to DIYers, some must be left in the care of qualified professionals.


Lay out his attic: the second work: attic

Simply indispensable, the current must be set up with the utmost care. The type of installation must be chosen according to your needs, the number of outlets, appliances, etc. For more security, it is advisable to install a second circuit, only for your attic. Subject to a multitude of standards and controls (the famous visit of the Consuel), electricity should not be taken lightly. In case of doubt, it is better to call on a craftsman.


Lay out his attic: the second work: second

Optional, plumbing is only necessary if install a piece of water. To make it easier for you, just design your circuit just above the pipelines and water supplies on the lower floor. With a little theory and especially a lot of practice, these works are relatively accessible to good DIYers. On the other hand if you do not align yourself on the existing circuit, it will be necessary to envisage a more complex site to be carried out possibly by professionals.

Floor coverings

It is the resistance of your soil, and more particularly the load that it can bear, which will determine the type of coating. To limit impact and step noise on the lower floor, it is best to provide acoustic insulation with a layer of cork, or why not thick carpet.

Wall coverings

Painting, wallpaper, paneling, tiles, plaster... Here all the fantasies are possible! Be careful not to tile wooden partitions.

Let's keep the best for last, the decoration! With this new space of freedom and creation you just have to give free rein to your imagination! And for maximum storage, HandymanDuDimanche advises you to prefer small low furniture.

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