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Every child grows up and it is imperative to undertake some arrangements in the bathroom, whether it is shared by the whole family or that it is totally dedicated to him. Autonomy, safety and deco fun, our three mantras to build a bathroom for children.

Provide a bathroom for children

Provide a bathroom for children

Fit a bathroom for children: security

We opt here preferably for a sink and furniture with rounded corners or equipped with corner sticks. The bathtub should be low, equipped with a non-slip bottom (if not, opt for a non-slip bath mat) and small.

Installing a thermostatic mixing valve makes it possible to regulate the temperature of the water and its flow, thus limiting the risk of burns. In order to prevent the little bather from banging his head against the tap, the latter may be dressed with a protection to the shapes and playful colors.

Finally, we ban electrical appliances and opt for a non-slip flooring.
Promote the autonomy of the child in the bathroom
A child who is growing up is constantly looking for autonomy. In this idea, we can adapt a bathroom to the evolution of its young user, with:

  • adapted toilets at the height of children (whose installation is preferably scalable);
  • a small bench allowing the child to sit down to get dressed or undressed;
  • of the colored coat hooks arranged at the level of the youngest;
  • a low storage cabinet allowing the child to have towels arranged at his height;
  • a footboard to reach the sink and use it without further difficulty.

Design a bathroom for children: the decor

In a bathroom for children we do not hesitate to play the bright colors and tart for a fun and fun decor.

  • The tiling remains the most suitable wall covering, since it is easier to maintain and allows all the decorative fantasies.
  • In order to protect the soil from splashing, the bath screen or the shower curtain are unavoidable here. The shower curtain is chosen for its colorful patterns when the bath screen is embellished with pretty stickers.
  • We do not forget the decorative objectspractical and playful toy-type in the form of aquatic animals, submarines, boats, etc.

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