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Your baby's room must be healthy and secure first and foremost. This does not preclude that it can be beautifully decorated and well equipped. Prepare calmly his arrival by following our useful tips to build a beautiful room for baby.

Fit a baby room

Fit a baby room

Where to build a baby room?

If the configuration of the housing allows it, it is advisable to install the baby room close to that of his parents.
Until the age of 3, the child may be subject to nocturnal anxiety. In order to reassure him and spend better nights, the baby needs the presence of his parents (who generally prefer not to go too far).

This proximity to the master bedroom and / or the living room, is also important for baby's safety, on which the parent will thus be able to watch continuously.

Another criterion is that the room chosen must be well lit and let in natural light.

Choosing furniture for a baby's room

1. Safety first
We banish here dangerous furniture, rickety or fragile. We prefer round-toed furniture and we hide cables and electrical outlets...

2. Functional and practical furniture
It is up to the parents to assess the furniture needs according to the use that will be made of the room (care, toilets, feeds...).

The ideal bed allows to see the child on all sides without limiting his movements.

3. Easy-care furniture

To noteIt is important not to clutter the room since the room will have to evolve at the same time as the needs of the child.

How to decorate the baby room?

Two currents oppose here:

  • the first favors pastel and soft tonesbright colors can disturb the child's sleep;
  • the second is based on the low vision of the baby, very sensitive to light colors in the first months of his life. Free colors are preferred here, in order to stimulate the newborn.

Whatever the bias, it is possible to decorate the space with stickers and posters.

In any case, it is best to paint the walls with a washable paint and nontoxic. We also avoid draperies, curtains and carpets, real mite nests.

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