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I live in Normandy and I renovated my house by putting the exposed beams back in the room. Between the beams it is a rough floor that at the time I stained wood. The problem is that it overshadowed the dining room because I also have an oak floor. I wish to put the beams-beams in white or beige but the beams are not all regular. I thought of Placo but in terms of finishing it gets complicated, I was told about Buflon but it is very expensive and difficult to find.

Why not simply repaint your ceiling?

For this, remove the stain, dust off and clean your ceiling. Pass a layer of primer "special woodwork". All you will need to do is apply a light-colored covering paint (Dulux Valentine's infinite mat, Bondex wood paint...) on your ceiling.

For the Placo, the finish is not really complicated. You must cut PLACO strips (use a BLADE RUNNER) to the correct width. Clam a 1/4 round rod on the side of a joist to the desired height, slide the plate, then block it on the other side with another 1/4 round rod cast on the side of the other joist.

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