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The design is inviting in the world of baby

No more pink for girls and blue for boys! From now on baby furniture is design, practical and sometimes even ecological. With fun and innovative creations, the world of early childhood can finally think outside the box. Exit, the wooden high chair and the wicker bassinet! Make room for colorful and comfortable furniture with a trendy and neat look for the pleasure of young and old alike.

Extraordinary beds

Airy and practical, baby hammocks easily replace traditional cribs. To hang on a beam, a door frame or a support, these small cozy nests endorse baby with their gentle swinging. Ecological but not always economical, the cardboard beds provide a totally recyclable support for baby sleep. As solid as a real sleeping they are customizable at will. With or without wheels they can be assembled and disassembled at a glance while respecting safety standards. Still undeveloped, the beds with plexiglass walls deserve to be known. Transparent, they allow the baby to see and be seen when lying down. With their round and pleasing shapes, they embellish the nursery while allowing you to easily monitor it.

Sunbeds in the era of time

Sunbeds in the era of time

Resolutely design, the "Bloom" deckchairs bring decoration into the heart of childcare. With their aerial and dynamic curves, they are more like a spaceship than a baby accessory. Plexiglass or wood, they come in different colors, sober or flashy but always trendy. Comfortable and nice, the "Doomoo" pouf fits perfectly in the renewal of baby furniture. Nomadic and fun, it seduces trendy moms with its casual look and ergonomics perfectly suited to the little one.

High chairs in color

High chairs in color

Taking up the concept of the egg chair, the "Mozee" high chair is distinguished by its seventies look and its plastic material. Minimalist and refined, she does not forget to respect the safety standards. Equally futuristic, the highchair brand "Bloom" seems straight out of a sci-fi movie. Practical, and versatile, it is mounted on wheels to change or disassemble and its trays even go in the dishwasher.

As you will have noticed, from now on the world of baby looks in technicolor. For a room design and cheerful that promotes the awakening of the senses, do not hesitate to use bright colors such as red or orange. While the 60s are back to the taste of the day, do not hesitate to put into service objects and vintage fabrics to decorate the universe of smaller.

Whatever furniture you choose, do not forget to follow certain rules. The baby's safety must not be endangered a piece of furniture that does not meet the standards in force. Before cracking for a trendy product, check that it is perfectly adapted to the age and needs of your child.

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