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Build a laundry.

The laundry room, often located in the basement or garage is an annex that should not be overlooked. Indeed, the more a family is, the more this space is frequented. Between the washing machine, the tumble dryer, the drying rack, the baskets of dirty or clean linen and the ironing board; it is necessary to show a rigorous organization and to have a perfectly studied installation in order to find oneself there. That's why this week DIYDubranche offers you to discover how to build a laundry adapted to your needs.

Water, air and electricity.

Before thinking about the layout of your laundry, it is essential to take stock of water arrivals, electricity and ventilation. To do this, make sure that your electrical installation complies with the standards in force, including all the outlets that must be compatible with major appliances and grounded and with a suitable circuit breaker. If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to call a qualified professional, because in case of malfunction an accident quickly arrived. In addition, your room must have at least a water supply and an evacuation, if it is not the case, then you will need to call a plumber or make the connections yourself. Finally, do not forget to make sure that your laundry room is perfectly ventilated, otherwise the laundry will have difficulty drying and will feel moisture. If this is not the case, then you will need to consider the installation of a controlled mechanical ventilation.

Appliances and furniture.

Build a laundry.: laundry

A minimum of investment is necessary in order to benefit from an efficient and practical laundry. In addition to the traditional washing machine, a tumble dryer will be very useful during cold weather. You will also need a space to unfold your ironing board. Moreover, for a flawless organization, you will multiply the storage with for example shelves for sorting clean clothes, bins for dirty laundry or boxes to accommodate your household products. If you do not have the space or the budget for a tumble dryer, then you will have to opt for a stand-up or wall-mounted clothes rack to save space on the floor. Finally, if you have a little space, do not hesitate to install a work plan that will be very useful for folding and laying your laundry.

Decoration and accessories.

With machines, clothes drying and ironing, some spend many hours in the laundry room. To make these moments pleasant, it is best to design a comfortable and warm space by looking after the decoration of this room. You will start by providing lighting, which must be direct and powerful for example with ceiling lights or wall sconces. Then you will choose the colors of the walls giving free rein to your desires and your imagination. Always at the walls do not hesitate to please you by hanging pictures, posters or even mirrors to beautify your laundry. As for the floor, it is better to opt for tiling or linoleum, shock-resistant and water-resistant coatings that offer a wide choice of colors and patterns. Finally, do not forget to accessorize your laundry with, for example, a radio, a TV or a record player to distract you when you take care of the laundry.

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