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I'm doing a house of 88 m2 (T5) that will start in April and for which I would like to install reversible air conditioning. 1. Is there a tax credit? 2. How many blocks are needed? 3. What may be the cost of this operation?

Reversible air conditioning is not primarily intended for heating, it no longer allows the tax credit. Prefer a heat pump air / water or water / water associated with a floor heating / refreshing which, it, you will open rights to the tax credit of 25% (on the material, in principal residence).

For reversible air / air conditioning, plan a "block" (ie a split) for each room you want to cool, knowing that this type of installation always makes noise, regardless of its power.

An estimate is needed to determine the cost of this installation, because everything will depend on the power of the equipment and the number of splits required according to the volumes and quality of insulation of the construction...

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