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Nothing more normal than a teenager who can not stand the childish style of his room. It is then time to revamp his space. Change the furniture, review the decor according to his tastes, bet on design... all our tips for creating a room for teenager.

Set up a teenager room

Set up a teenager room

Set up a teenage room in four points

The layout of a teenager's room is similar to that of a very small studio. Indeed, teenagers spend a lot of time in their room who becomes a place of rest, work but also reception. It is basically a real living room.

1. The bed
In a teenager's room, the loft bed seems the most suitable solution. It saves a lot of space and makes it easy to install a sofa and / or a desk.

2. The office corner
The development of an office is essential in a teenager's room so that the latter can do his homework. The office must adapt to the available space and the style of the room.

3. Storage
It is advisable to multiply here the storage (dressers, shelves, cupboards...) so that the teenager can store his many belongings there.

4. Lighting
Finally, the installation of adequate lighting should not be forgotten in order to focus on the brightness and volumes of the room.

Create a teenager room: bet on a personalized decor

As a teenager, older children usually acquire a strong personality that no longer tolerates an infant decoration in their room.

Adolescent's decorative choices are rarely the taste of her parents. Better here that the latter seeks to collaborate with his son or daughter and accepts the idea of ​​some concessions, without letting him take full control of this makeover.

  • The teenager will be able to choose the dominant color from his room. Depending on the hue on which ultimately his choice and in order not to visually reduce the space, we can paint a single piece of wall here.
  • The decoration accessories will be possible if chosen in shades in harmony with those selected for the walls (chairs, cushions, frames, bedding...).
  • It may be interesting to delimit a custom wall space, reserved for posters, photos and other decorative elements desired by the teenager.

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