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At the beginning of the construction, I put some self-locking pavers around my house to facilitate the passage of the mower. My house is 15 years old. In recent years, the coating (which is a spray coating) peels off in plates of about thirty centimeters in length and an approximate height of 6-7 cm. What is the cause of this detachment and what should I do?

It should be known if, during the construction of your house, a capillary break has been installed? If this is not the case (which is not normal on a house of the years 1990), it is certainly about capillaries that must be treated by removing the foundations on 60 cm and by applying a bituminous coating sealing.

It also happens that when this coating was applied (if it was...) to the construction, it was raised above ground level. Incompatibility between this product and the facade cladding prevents it from adhering. It is then necessary to strip the facade on the overflow height and to make a facade cladding connection.

Another possible cause is splashing water on the walls of interlocking pavers that moisten the base of the facade. To remedy this, pick your plaster on 15 cm at the base of your home and replace it with a cement mortar coating including a water-repellent product. Verification of the gutters is required.

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