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A shock detector captures vibrations and shocks that occur at an entrance to the house for example. Fixing a shock detector on doors and windows is a good solution to deter burglars. You are notified as soon as the detector perceives a shock: you can react as quickly as possible.

How does a shock detector work?

The shock detector receives signals of vibrations, shocks, breakage of glass or shaking. It then transmits a signal to the alarm center.

Depending on your preference, the alarm can be triggered as soon as a vibration is detected by the detector, or your control panel can send you an SMS. You can then react quickly and discreetly by contacting the police for example. You can first check your surveillance cameras remotely, if possible, to control what is happening at home.

The shock detector is an ideal device to prevent burglaries. If a burglar attempts to enter your home, the shock detector will pick up the vibrations that are generated and you will be warned quickly.

There are also shock sensors for cars.

Where to install a shock detector?

A shock detector costs from 30 € about, and it is very simple to install. The case can be wired or wireless. You can fix it with screws, or with double-sided tape. The installation is accessible to all and can be done very quickly.

You can attach impact sensors to doors, windows, or conservatories to prevent tampering with your home. The openings in the house are strategic locations for installing a shock detector. Think also of the windows.

You can also hide a shock and vibration detector in a box or closet for more discretion.

Check with brands to compare available models, their features, warranties, etc.

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