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Centerpiece of the house, the kitchen is the place where we cook, where we share and where we speak. It is therefore important to take care of its decor to enjoy a friendly and harmonious atmosphere. Discover our few decorative ideas and do not hesitate to let your imagination speak to create a kitchen that only looks like you!

Designing your kitchen: our decorative ideas

Designing your kitchen: our decorative ideas

The walls of the kitchen

The wall is perfect to give free rein to your imagination. You can cover it with wallpaper, paint or tiles. Feel free to choose bright and flashy colors to bring a touch of cheerfulness or to paint a wall with slate paint for more originality. Paste cardboard letters or crack for a "cooking recipe" sticker.
It is also possible to do customize your stickers with one of your photos to create a 100% unique decor! If you choose to bring a touch of color to your walls, then opt for more neutral furniture and vice versa to avoid any lack of taste.

The furniture

The kitchen furniture is available in solid wood, melamine or lacquered version. It's up to you to choose the color you like! Know that it is possible to repaint your kitchen furniture and change the decor when you want.
Repaint only the doors or create a two-tone effect by painting the interior of furniture of another color.

The worktop is also customizable thanks to a special painting. The credence also offers a lot of freedom. You can paint it or cover it with tile or magnetic paint. To have meals, opt for a bar, a high table or a sliding table which comes in extension of a central island. For an ultra-trendy vintage style, choose mismatched chairs.

Accessories and appliances

As important as materials, decorative accessories and home appliances reinforce the personality of your kitchen. Opt for a stainless steel refrigerator for a touch of modernity or for a piano cooking reminiscent of the cooks of yore. Fall for them transparent jars to keep sugar, flour, pasta and rice or keep the spices in magnetic boxes to stick on the credence.

Lighting accentuates the friendly atmosphere. Place led strips under the high furniture or in the bottom of the furniture. The effect is guaranteed!

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