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My house is equipped with a framework in small farmhouses which are spaced 60 cm, and envisaged in usable roof spaces. I wish to proceed with this development. Regarding the floor, I was advised to install slabs OSB3 18 mm, stronger and lighter than the slabs agglo. Does the joist spacing (60 cm) require the addition of spacers?

As a matter of principle, a framework in industrial huts is designed to give attic... not-developable. It's not enough to look at the strength of the floorboards and the joists...

First make sure that the section of the farmhouse is sufficient (145 X45) to support, a priori, the weight of the floor and the load that will have to bear after development. You can not do without the advice of a professional carpenter, especially as your project will also induce the recovery of some essential structural parts, including a doubling of the tie. It is not as easy to pass from a W-frame to an A-frame.

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