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The concept of "smart home" is expanding, with the arrival on the market of various home automation devices and connected objects. Home automation allows you to control or program your devices remotely, or to automate certain tasks.

Devices and connected objects

Devices and connected objects

Which devices can be connected to your home automation system?

Home automation devices promise more comfort and home security. Linked to a home automation system or a web interface, almost any device in your home can be remotely controlled or programmed with a single click:

  • Shutters, garage doors or even door locks: you can automate their opening and closing at specific times,
  • Home lighting: you can manage all the lights in your home from a single interface,
  • Heaters: you can adjust the temperature of your appliances independently,
  • Household appliances (dishwasher, washing machine, etc.): you can program the remote washing cycles,
  • Multimedia devices (hi-fi system, television, etc.): you can program or control their operation from your control panel,
  • Etc.

Regarding security, you can install a surveillance camera or one presence detector at your house.

Home automation is also inviting in your garden with solutions to activate the watering of the garden from a distance, or manage the water treatment of your pool.

Connected objects: a sector of the future

In the field of home automation, it is the race for connected objects the most practical and intelligent, even unusual. For example:

  • The fridge who manages the stock of products contained in the fridge and automatically orders the missing products,
  • The watch which makes it possible to telephone and manage its mails,
  • The glasses equipped with a camera and a GPS chip,
  • The toothbrush linked to a mobile application that analyzes the quality of brushing,
  • Etc.

On the other hand, home automation can automate some tasks by having them done by robots to save time. For example, you can adopt the robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning your home, or the automatic lawn mower for the maintenance of your garden.

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