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The farmhouse type structure has a good quality / price ratio. However, to get the best price, it is essential to ask several quotes from professionals.

Why choose a professional?

For a new frame, renovation or elevation, it is advisable to call a professional, especially a carpenter. In order to get the best price, make several requests for quotes. To find a list of professionals near you, you can consult the Trade and Companies Register on the web or in your town hall. If you choose a professional close to you, the shipping rates will be lower.

A carpenter has a solid background on traditional know-how but also on the technological progress applied to the framework. Formed in CAP or BTS, the carpenter has a regulated trade: he is qualified and skilled. You can ask the professional his career and some examples of achievements to reassure you. The opinions of the customers also make it possible to get an idea.

By producing an estimate, the professional shows his know-how and his professionalism. He undertakes to take into account the complexity of the building structure and the constraints that may be involved in the implementation. He then has the necessary equipment for the work and is aware of the safety rules.

What is found on a quote of farmhouse?

When you receive a quotation for a carpentry structure, take care that this information is clear:

  • Name and address of the company,
  • Name and address of the customer,
  • Scheduled location of the site,
  • Date and expected time for the site,
  • Nature and details of the services to be performed, ie the time spent and the price,
  • Mention "estimate received before execution of works".

Once the quotes are received, carefully compare the prices. There may be large differences depending on the particular wood used. Once an estimate has been accepted, you must date it and sign it, with the mention "good for work". The professional is then required to provide you with the detailed plans of the work he will carry out.

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