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We bought an old stone house (1900s) 3 years ago, in which we have almost all redone. For electricity, there was already a meter (with old-fashioned fuse). We have redone everything, with a new electrical panel, differential circuit breakers etc... without passing the Consuel... Today, we want to sell our house and I wanted to know if we were forced to make an electrical diagnosis, because I believe that it is mandatory for installations over 15 years old.

Since January 1, 2009, the technical diagnosis of electrical installations is mandatory prior to the sale of housing (Order of July 8, 2008 in addition to Decree No. 2008-384 of April 22, 2008). Your installation certainly less than 15 years, but you will have a hard time proving it if you have done it yourself. I advise you to have it done, to avoid any risk of later dispute.

The owner must provide the purchaser with a statement regarding the domestic electricity installation. This diagnosis must be attached to the technical diagnoses attached to the promise of sale which already includes lead, asbestos, termites (in infested areas), gas and energy performance.

Having not interrupted the power supply or the electrical subscription contract of your installation, you were not obliged to involve the Consuel, whose attestation of conformity is only required when a new connection to the network. The purpose of the electrical diagnostic is only to inform the purchaser of the condition of the installation, without any obligation on the part of the seller to bring it up to standard.

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