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During a diagnosis (DPE - gas - electricity - lead-asbestos), the diagnoser contradicts the heating engineer who installed the gas boiler in the basement of a house rented three years ago. The latter said that it needed high ventilation (which has been achieved) and that the low ventilation is considered made because the boiler has an air inlet from the rear of it that leads via the chimney. The technician may be right not to accept it. However the professional is approved Qualigaz. What to do?

The gas diagnosis only concerns installations over 15 years old. It does not concern the boiler, at most the rest of the installation if it is over 15 years old. In any case, if the installation of the boiler has not been modified, the certificate of conformity by an authorized Qualigaz installer prevails over the opinion of a diagnostician. For perfect safety, it is possible to ask a Qualigaz technician to check the installation. He gives an updated certificate that can be communicated to a tenant or a buyer.

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