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The energy performance diagnosis.

Since July 1, 2007, the DPE or Diagnostic Energy Performance is mandatory for most real estate transactions. Its goal is to inform future tenants or homeowners of the annual energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of their homes. This measure, which is implemented under the Kyoto Protocol, is also intended to make citizens aware of the consequences on the planet of their energy consumption.

Buildings and transaction affected by ECD.

The DPE concerns almost all main-use residential buildings. In the case of a multi-unit residential building, the DPE also covers the units. You are entitled to request a diagnosis when signing a sale, signing a lease or renewal. However, some buildings are not affected by this measure, these are historic buildings classified or listed in the inventory under the Heritage Code. Also exempt are premises that do not use energy to regulate the internal temperature (heating or air conditioning) for human occupation, temporary constructions; planned for a period of use exceeding two years and independent buildings with a gross floor area of ​​less than fifty square meters.

The energy performance diagnosis, practical side.

The energy performance diagnosis.: diagnosis

The DPE allows you to evaluate your annual energy consumption, but also to estimate its cost. It is based on several criteria such as the thermal characteristics (insulation, heating, materials) geometric and different energy equipment (gas, electricity...) present in housing or buildings. It takes place in three stages. It all starts with the visit of a professional who measures the housing, notes the composition of the walls as well as that of heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment and energy equipment.

From this information, a calculation of the energy performance will be made in a second step. Finally, the owner and / or the tenant will be given a report with the classification of the dwelling on an energy label similar to that of household electrical appliances, as well as a second label on the environmental impact of the construction as a function of the gas emissions. Greenhouse effect. This report may contain recommendations for work, to improve the energy performance of housing with an estimate of the investment, but also savings made, not to mention a summary of data collected during the visit. You will then receive by post advice for a good use of energy.

Who delivers the energy performance diagnosis?

diagnostic energy performance?

Only professionals who have received adequate training and meet the conditions of Article L 271-6 and the implementing texts (to be insured, independence, impartiality, etc.) are entitled to make this diagnosis valid for a period of ten years.. You can contact these experts at network diagnostics (diagnotys, Exim-Expertise...), specialized in housing. From November 2007, they will have to be certified. The price of the diagnosis is relatively variable depending on the size and location of the housing, expect an average of two hundred and fifty euros minimum.

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