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I intend to buy a house from the 30s. I have a parasitic diagnosis which indicates lignivores in the crawl space as well as on the sleeping of the windows of the ground floor.

The notion of "lignivores" is not very precise, but it generally refers to mushrooms that feed on wood. An infestation with lignivorous fungi is never a good sign. The formidable merule belongs to this category.

If the window frame is also reached is that the mushroom is already spread inside the housing. The presence of these lignivores indicates a high rate of humidity and a lack of aeration and can hide larger problems of capillary rise.

Think carefully before buying this property because a large budget will have to be allocated to the restoration of the premises (search for causes of humidity and restoration, disinfection, treatment, insulation, installation of a VMC...) Many parameters to take into account which you must think before acquiring this property. A significant infestation of merules may condemn construction.

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