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I am a tenant in a building that has just been decommissioned. I would like to know if on the occasion of the new lease subject to signature, it would be possible for me to request a DPE? The building dates from the 70s and the lessor refuses to do insulation work on the grounds that our building is not a priority!

A real estate decommissioning is aimed at the exit of a property from the public sector. I imagine that's your case. this results in a change of ownership. If it gives you a new lease, it seems to me that mandatory real estate diagnoses are required, including the ECD. However, whatever the results of this, the lessor will not be obliged to undertake energy improvement works, except if the housing is notoriously "indecent", which is certainly not the case of a building of the 1970s. The DPE is only intended to inform tenants or purchasers.

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