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Since 1996, the law requires any property owner to have made a set of diagnoses to proceed with the sale of his house or apartment. What are these mandatory diagnoses? What are they for? Explanations.

DDT - Technical Diagnosis File

DDT, better known under the terms of Technical Diagnosis File, includes all the mandatory diagnoses necessary for the sale of any home, namely:

  • Diagnosis relating to electrical indoor installations of more than 15 years;
  • The diagnosis concerning the indoor gas installations over 15 years old;
  • The diagnosis of asbestos for all properties whose issuance of the building permit is prior to July 1, 1997;
  • The parasitic diagnosis, for all dwellings located in so-called termite-infected areas, these being the subject of prefectural orders;
  • The diagnosis of leadfor all houses and apartments built before 1949;
  • The diagnosis concerning natural and technological riskss, for all goods;
  • Energy Performance Diagnosis (EPD) for all goods;
  • The diagnosis related to non-collective sanitation facilities, for all dwellings not connected to the collective sewerage network;
  • Surface diagnosis said Carrez Law, for private condominiums and houses.

The process to gather the mandatory diagnoses

If the diagnoses are therefore mandatory for the sale of a house, these must be made by competent professionals, independent and having permissions adequate to control each property. In this context, the real estate agency can be a useful help and make the connection with specialized companies.

In terms of time, the Technical Diagnosis File is attached to the agreement and then to the bill of sale. Nevertheless, it must be established well before, before the sale of the home, on the one hand because some information it contains, such as DPE data, must appear on the real estate ad, and secondly because more and more buyers are asking to see these documents before committing themselves.

Finally, each compulsory diagnosis has a definite period of validity, on which it is advisable to inquire beforehand.

The interest of mandatory diagnostics

The various technical diagnoses have a definite advantage for both the seller and the purchaser. For the first, they make it possible to operate the sale of his property in full transparency. For the second, they are a way to have guarantees on his future purchase.

Thus, these diagnoses secure real estate transactions and limit the risk of subsequent litigation.

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