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The installation of a Canadian well makes it possible to heat or cool the rooms of a house, whatever the season. To obtain a system that works perfectly, it is necessary to set up a certain number of parts, accessories and materials. Here are the different elements of a Canadian well...

The new air intake terminal

This is the first element of the Canadian well. This marker, which is outside the house, captures air to the pipes. This air is distributed inside each room. This element has grids and filters to prevent unwanted sneak in your home (insects, rodents...) and purify the air by filtering dust and impurities of any kind (pollen, pollution...).

Outside pipes

Here two cases are possible. It can be a single tube that is available in a loop (or other configuration) all around the house. Or, we can opt for parallel pipes that go towards the house, allowing an air / ground heat exchange optimal. These ducts ideally have an inside diameter of between 18 and 25 centimeters. The air diffusion rate must oscillate between 1 and 3m per second.

The bypass

This device makes it possible to short-circuit the circulation of air in off-season. Depending on the climate and temperature, it may be more beneficial to directly send air from outside to inside without going through the Canadian well. The bypass is a smart system that automatically selects the most suitable air. During the summer period, the lowest temperature will be chosen. In winter, it is therefore the highest temperature that is sent into the house.

The fan / VMC duo

As its name suggests, the fan's role is to distribute the air coming from the outside to the different rooms of the house. The dimensions and the power of the fan are selected taking into account the specificities of the installation and the surface to be ventilated.

Controlled Mechanical Ventilation or VMC ensures the renewal of the ambient air of each room. Its role is to eliminate stale air to reject it outside, an essential function to breathe ambient air always healthy. There are sophisticated systems that can program the fan speed or adjust the indoor temperature via a hygrometric sensor.

For a system that plays its role without malfunctions, it is essential that all the different elements of a Canadian well be installed by experienced professionals.

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