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The different finishes of a concrete driveway

Striated, chipped, granulated or gravel, your concrete driveway can have different finishes, to choose according to your tastes and if possible in harmony with the rest of your garden.

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Tools and materials needed:

A brush or broom with hard bristles. Or a trowel. Or a metal tube (for example the handle of a shovel or broom). Chippings of the same size, a plank, a watering can and a brush with soft bristles.

Ribbed finish.

The different finishes of a concrete driveway: finishes

Once the concrete has smoothed the trowel, scrape it with the hard bristle broom. Hold the brush tilted, always passing it in the same direction. To avoid lumps, rinse the broom and shake it between the different passages.
If you want to get more discreet streaks, you will need to take a soft bristle brush and pass it very lightly on the concrete.

Chipped finish.

The different finishes of a concrete driveway: driveway

With the trowel, you will make semicircular movements on the concrete after smoothing.
For a more rustic finish, wait for the concrete to harden a bit before starting to float.
For a more pronounced finish, start the float directly after compaction without going through the smoothing step.

Granulated finish.

The different finishes of a concrete driveway: different

By rolling a metal pipe over your concrete, you will get a granular effect.
The more you press on the tube, the more relief you will create.

Finishing gravel.

The different finishes of a concrete driveway: finishes

Immediately after the last concrete compaction, apply a thin homogeneous layer of gravel to the entire surface.
Using the plank, compact your chippings to tighten them.
Let it all harden until the coating is solid and compact and gently pour down the driveway a shower of water with your watering can.
Then sweep the surface with a soft bristle brush to remove grit that does not adhere to the coating.
Wait a day, then wash your driveway with a little water and blow it with a hard bristle broom.
Let your flooring rest for a few days before removing the formwork and a week before walking on the driveway.

Video Instruction: How to finish concrete driveway