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Different types, several materials and developed different size: there is a wide variety of gutters. To choose in particular according to the region. Focus here on the forms of gutters.

It exists three main types of gutters: creeping gutters, dangling and gutters. Each type is divided into several forms of gutters.

The different shapes of the hanging gutters

Pendante is the most common gutter format. The hanging gutters are fixed by hooks at the ends of the rafters of the roof of the house. They are placed at roof sewer, ie at the lower end of a roof slope. The hanging gutters can take different forms:

  • square gutters which possess all the characteristics of the hanging gutters are distinguished from the others by a square profile. A more modern form.
  • llyonnaise gutters are distinguished by a larger hem. This feature makes them more rigid.
  • the English gutters have a classic semi-round shape but with a diameter, called developed, wider. They are also distinguished by the fact that they are placed on a cornice or an entablature.

Different forms of creeping gutters

The creeping gutters are fixed directly to a part of the roof or on a cornice. As a rule, creeping gutters have a classic semi-round shape. There are also two local forms of gutters:

  • the gutters of Nantes which rest on a strip of doublings, at the lower end of the roof slope. They are fixed by hooks, and are distinguished by an acute angle profile (70° c) and a finish with an open cylindrical hem.
  • Le Havre eavestroughs which also rest on a strip of doublings. They are distinguished by a profile not acute angle like the nantaises but rounded.

Other forms of gutters

The most classic forms of gutters are half-rounds. Rampant or hanging, the majority of the gutters are half-round.

Finally we find a last form of gutters: the ovoids. The ovoid shape of these gutters offers a different and elegant aesthetic. The ovoid gutters are placed on a cornice and adapt to all downspouts.

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