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Attached to the house or near a pool, the pergola or arbor is an increasingly trendy construction in a garden. Side shape and dimension, the choice is wide! Here are some elements to help you choose the shape of your pergola...

The pergola can be installed anywhere in the garden, near the terrace or pool. It is ideal for small spaces and is usually delivered as a kit, ready to assemble.

Pergola: shape of the roof

The roof is often classic with a square or rectangular shape. But we also find much more original forms such as:

  • the gazebo which has a rounded roof resembling a birdcage
  • the gazebo or gazebo usually with a wooden roof
  • booth The garden is like a circular-shaped music kiosk found in municipal parks. It can be installed against a facade or in the middle of the garden.

Then there is the pergola backed by the house or pergola wall that gives real value to your home. Several models of roofs are proposed: 30's style canopies, domed roofs, semicircular or quarter-circle roofs. Today designers and architects offer original pergolas with V-shaped roofs, polygonal or unstructured in a contemporary spirit. The roof can be flat or sloped to allow better drainage, especially in mountainous areas.

You will find models ranging from the pergola kit to the custom pergola. Some work will be needed for the construction of a pergola. Attention regulations exist! It is advisable to check with the town hall before starting work.

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