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For more comfort and simplicity of maintenance, the carpets can be treated. You can buy an already treated carpet, or apply a treatment once the carpet is laid. What are the possible treatments for your carpet?

Treatments that make cleaning easier

Carpets can be treated against dirt during their manufacture. A protective envelope coats the fibers of the carpet, which becomes more resistant. The anti-fouling treatment or stain can be permanent.

The treatment Waterproofing is also effective against stains and soiling. It allows stains to not become embedded due to the waterproof properties of the carpet.

An anti-stain treated carpet can save you a lot of energy cleaning a stain on the carpet, especially since it requires suitable products.

Treatments that improve the comfort of allergy sufferers

If it is well maintained, the carpet does not present particular risks for people with allergies. It even has an advantage over smooth floors: it retains dust that can be easily sucked up. However, additional treatments may be appropriate.

A anti-bacterial treatment is ideal for better hygiene. Carpets with anti-bacterial treatment inhibit bacteria and bad odors. It can also act on mites. But other treatments anti-allergy or anti-mite can exist.

Safety, softness...: other treatments for your carpet

Other carpet treatments exist. You can choose a carpet fireproof which shows good fire resistance. Your carpet can also be treated to be particularly fresh touch.

Ask at DIY stores or carpet brands. You can select an already treated carpet, or get a specific treatment to apply to your carpet.

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