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Also known as air / air heat pumps, air conditioners are often used in homes to cool down in the summer and heat in the winter. It is not always easy to navigate as the offer is diversified and the many specificities. A brief overview of the different types of air conditioners on the market.

The different types of air conditioner

The different types of air conditioner

The monobloc air conditioner is the cheapest of all and the easiest to install. It consists of a single unit to be placed inside your home. Although it is easy to live with, it remains less efficient than a split air conditioner. It is ideal for heating an area less than 30 m2.

The split air conditioner comes in several versions. Monosplit or multisplit, mobile or fixed, reversible or not. The monosplit model consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The multisplit model has, in addition to the outdoor unit, several indoor units to heat several rooms in the house. The split air conditioner is the most efficient on the market but also the most expensive. It is also very quiet because the noisiest components are located in the unit located outside the house.

The reversible air conditioner is an air conditioner that has a cool mode and a warm mode. It is very practical because this 2 in 1 device saves space and saves on hardware costs. It comes in one-piece or split version. It can also be mobile in some cases. The reversible air conditioner can not however replace your heating system and comes in addition to another source of heat.

The mobile air conditioner is the cheapest on the market. It is designed for a punctual use because its performance is reduced. Usually on wheels or to be placed directly on the ground, it follows you in every room of the house.

The fixed / wall mounted air conditioner is the most classic air conditioner of all and also the most efficient. It is not bulky, it fits perfectly into your interior and is as discreet as possible because it is ultra-quiet.

The cassette air conditioner is a split air conditioner whose indoor unit fits directly into a false ceiling. It is very discreet and can cool surfaces ranging from 40 to 150 m2. It is ideal for shops and offices. The cassette air conditioner is almost always reversible to ensure optimal thermal comfort.

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