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To concretize your project of installation of a carport, you must choose the characteristics of this one, namely the form and the style. Take the time to study the advantages and the disadvantages of each type of carport, evaluate the space available on your ground, and envisage the possible transformations or the various uses which you will be able to make of your carport.

The different types of carport

The different types of carport

How to choose your carport according to the shape and style

If you have decided to install a carport, you start to realize that it actually exists several types of carports: carport style and carport shape are characteristics that you must study in depth depending on the layout and configuration of your garden, your vehicle, number of vehicles you want to park, and of course your budget. Choosing the carport therefore consists of studying several elements:

  • The carport backed, which is fixed against a wall of your home.
  • The freestanding carport, mounted on several pillars.
  • Carport for motorhomes whose dimensions are adapted to recreational vehicles.
  • The custom carport to have a custom carport.
  • The simple carport or double depending on the number of cars you want to park.
  • Closed carport to further protect your car.

Choose a carport backed

The carport backedas its name suggests, is attached to one of the walls of your dwelling. It can be composed of various materials, and it may be wise to provide a construction method and materials similar to those of your home, to harmonize the two buildings. This carport is ideal if you have little space on your landbecause it is the most compact and the most adapted to tight spaces. Not to mention that you will eventually consider a opening in the wall from the carport-connected house so you do not go outside when you take your car.

Count on average 500 à 2 000 € for a carport backed, according to its dimensions and its finishes.

Choose a freestanding carport

The freestanding carport is mounted on several pillars, and its roof can be of different kinds: flat, sloping, triangular or dome. The materials are also varied, especially since it can be a permanent carport as well as a temporary PVC carport.

This carport can easily be transformed in a garden shed, serve as a pergola, or relaxation area. It can be installed anywhere on your land as long as this area is accessible to your car. However, you need to have enough space to install it.

Count between 600 and 3,000 € for a freestanding carport, depending on the number of cars you can park and its materials.

Choose a large carport for motorhome

If you have a camper, it may be interesting to shelter it under a carport so that it is not damaged during the long periods during which it is not used. For this, a carport dedicated to cars will not suffice, because the dimensions of a camper are much larger. However, it is possible to install a motorhome carport, the dimensions of which will be adapted, and which will allow you to park your camper as well as your car. This type of carport requires significant space, and the budget will also be larger.

Plan a budget of 700 à 4 000 € for a motorhome carport.

The tailor-made carport adapted to your needs

If you do not have found the carport that suits you among those that are sold in specialized stores or on the internet, you can turn to a custom carport. You can then choose all the characteristics of your carport: the materials, the shape, the style, the finishes, the shape of the roof, etc. This type of carport is ideal for any owner, but the budget will be more important: count between 1,000 and 7,000 € depending on the surface, materials and options chosen, such as the installation of a cabanon or a carport integrated shed.

The single carport 1 car

Carport 1 car is also called simple carport, and this is a carport that can only accommodate one car at a time. It therefore has an area of ​​5 to 15 m² in general, but it may be a carport backed or freestanding, and materials can be varied. This is the smallest carport, which allows it to be installed in almost any garden.

Plan a budget of 250 à 3 000 € for a simple carport.

The double carport 2 cars

The carport 2 cars, also called double carport, can house two cars simultaneously. Depending on its layout, one can park these two cars one behind the other or one next to the other, the width and length vary. It requires more space than the simple carport to be installed, as well as a larger budget, revolving around 900 à 5 000 €. Count 300 € more on average if you want a cabanon or an integrated discount carport.

The closed or semi-closed carport, ideal in cold regions

Closed or semi-closed carport may be single or double, backed or self-supporting, but it has walls whose number varies: the semi-closed carport have between 2 and 3 walls, while the closed carports are in the form of discounts with a door, to fully house the parked car.

These carports help protect the car as much as possible can no longer be exposed to the weather, to hail or frost, or other aggression. This closed space or almost allows you also different uses: you can install tables and chairs underneath when you receive guests, or arrange a relaxation area.

The price will be 400 à 1 000 € for a temporary closed carport made of flexible PVC, and 1 300 à 5 000 € for a closed or semi-closed permanent carport.

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