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There are different types of flooring in terms of composition, laying, hue... Which floor will you choose?

The different types of parquet

The different types of parquet

The main types of parquet

The solid parquet is the traditional parquet. It consists of a single species of wood (oak, chestnut, beech or bamboo for example). It is fixed on joists, themselves fixed to the ground. It is very aesthetic and brings a real stamp to an interior.

Floating parquet exists in different forms. The difference with solid parquet is that it is composed of only one kind of wood. But the floating floor designates mostly a type of pose. Floating installation consists of laying the floor without gluing it or fixing it to the floor, unlike solid wood flooring. Among floating floors, we can also mention laminate flooring, or more precisely laminate flooring (it is not real parquet according to the official definition).

Be aware, however, that there are massive floors that can be laid using the method of floating installation. In addition, a floating floor can also be glued to the ground, but this technique is increasingly rare.

At the aesthetic level, you also have the choice between several widths of parquet flooring, several colors or several finishes for your parquet.

Comparative table of different types of parquet

This comparison will give you some points of distinction between solid parquet and floating floors:

Solid parquet

Floating or laminate flooring


From 50 € the m2 (as an indication).

From € 10 per m2 (for information only).


The traditional pose is longer, and may require the intervention of a professional.

The installation of parquet is relatively simple and fast, whether it is a floating or glued installation.


The solid parquet shows a good resistance and held in the duration, especially as it can be renovated.

The resistance depends on the chosen floor. In general, the floating floor is more resistant to moisture than the solid parquet, but its life is less long.


The maintenance is simple, but it may be necessary to renew the wood treatment each year.

Maintenance is relatively simple with a broom, vacuum or wet mop.

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